Come and unlock the feminine goddess within by learning the skilled art of belly dancing Today at Fariha Belly Dancing Studio

What is the mystical aspect of this belly dance workshop?

Dance expression is an ancient art and through conscious movement and invocation, you can awaken the Divine feminine within.  Belly dance is a language of sacred symbols and a dynamic method to experience the energies of the Universe. Tantric theory on the chakras, including meditations and visualizations are incorporated to go deeper into the mysteries of this dance.

The approach to the course is unique and holistic  – from the secrets of energy work, to the role of dance in female rites of passage and healing, to embracing fully your feminine potential — it is all here for you.

Unveil Truth as you reveal the eternal dancer.

What is the dance part of the workshop like?

The course breaks down the basic movements and isolations of belly dance and expands on this through combinations and full choreographed routines. Some highlights include learning veil and drum solo technique, dancing with light, north African trance and blessing dance, Bollywood-Bellydance, Egyptian cabaret, and temple dance.  Beautiful rituals and invocations, modern fusion, and group improvisation are other favorites that are covered.

The workshop is designed for the complete beginner to the intermediate level dancer – no previous dance training is required.  You will finish with a fantastic foundation on which to continue your dance exploration, and discover the freedom within the discipline of understanding this joyful art form.

What should I bring?

Bring comfortable practice clothes. A flowing skirt and hip scarf are helpful. You are encouraged to wear anything that particularly inspires your inner and outer feminine spirit. Veils and candle props will be provided.  Please also bring an open mind and heart, something to drink and something to write with!