Wear comfortable clothes you can move easily in. A loose top with tracksuit bottoms or leggings or a flowing skirt with elasticated waist is ideal. You should also bring along a scarf to tie around your hips to help you get into the mood. In addition, we always have a range of lovely coin hip scarves to buy at the lessons at very reasonable prices.
Hipsinc classes are almost always women-only. This is important as it helps many women feel more comfortable and enables them to move without embarrassment. We also have Muslim women in many of our classes and they would not be able to attend if the classes were mixed. However, we do occasionally have men in class, especially in our theatrical dance classes, so do check first if it is important to you to be in a women only environment.
Bellydancing is a very safe form of exercise which has the reputation for helping back problems. However, the movements of the spine can ocassionally aggravate certain conditions. So talk to your back specialist if you have one and always check with your doctor if you have any medical problems to check that it is safe for you to exercise.

And do let your teacher know if there is any medical condition she should be aware of and if you suffer from any joint problems.

Bellydancing is great for your figure and it’s a really enjoyable way to get fit. But the women who come to our classes get so much more than that. They find it improves their self-esteem, lifts their spirits, they make new friends and they learn so much more than just how to dance. It’s a continuous learning process too. Unlike some forms of exercise, you never get bored with a bellydancing class!
Absolutely not! This is one of the great things about bellydance. It is perfect for all figures and some of the best dancers are the largest. And we have all ages in our classes, from 9 to 90!
In fact bellydancing is a misnomer, you hardly move the tummy at all. The movements, which are mainly focussed on the hips and arms, are wonderful for reshaping the waistline and the aerobic nature of the dance helps burn calories.


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“Life is an affair of mystery; shared with companions of music, dance and poetry.”
― Shah Asad Rizvi